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    Getting started with
    Elemental Cases Affiliate Referral Program.


    Is this friendship!? We think so! 

    Become an Elemental Cases affiliate and earn unlimited commission when your visitors make a purchase at elementalcases.com

    How it works. If a customer clicks on one of your links and visits the site, you’ll earn commission on their order that’s placed within 30 days of the link click.

    We’ll offer you free cases and other items from our catalog to use in your posts and stories. You’ll be first to receive our newest items!

    You can monitor your traffic and earnings with our third party reporting feature.

    You will get paid monthly for all commissions. That’s 10% of all sales brought in!

    Follow the Instructions Below for Setup & Use
    After filling out all fields click Apply
    If you're already a member choose Already Registered? Login at the top and enter your email and password to get to your dashboard or follow this link to 
    Your specific link is listed here under Your Link that will take users to the main homepage www.elementalcases.com and offer you credit after purchase.
    If you'd like to link to a specific page you'll see Create link to a specific page under the link options.
    Paste the link you would like to use under Enter destination page URL
    After pasting the new link click Create Link.
    Click Copy to copy this new link that is specially made for you to use on Instagram or on your site to link directly to a certain product or page while giving you credit for the referral.
    To get paid for the referrals please enter your PayPal email where you would like to receive payment by clicking on Dashboard and choose Settings.
    Click on Payment Settings
    Enter your PayPal email address here and make sure to click Save Changes and you are all set!